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Are Strange Distant Stars Evidence Of Super-Advanced Lifeforms?

Via the Huffington Post, evolutionary anthropologist Cadell Last argues that we are failing to recognize what we see: Philosopher (and systems theorist) Clément Vidal has pointed out that there are certain binary star systems that astrophysicists have had difficulty explaining with conventional astrophysical models. These binaries are semi-detatched stars that exhibit an energy flow that…

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The Elites’ Strange Plot to Take Over the World

The idea of a country seems pretty simple. I live in America, and I’m an American. She lives in France, and she is French. The Americans have a president who is their leader, the British have a prime minister, the French have their own president, and so forth. But the way political decision-making around security…

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Oil, Azerbaijan and the Strange Case of Rick Bourke

By Amy Goodman & Denis Moynihan Oil is the source of so much pain in the world. Around the globe, wherever oil is extracted, people suffer a constellation of injuries, from coups and dictatorship to pollution, displacement and death. Pipelines leak, refineries explode, tankers break up and deep-sea drill rigs explode. The thirst for oil…

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Strange Rule Forces Lobaton into Game – to hit Game-Winning HR

The only reason Jose Lobaton (.184 average with one home run in September, hitless in playoffs) was in the game to face Koji Uehara (1.09 ERA, 21 Saves this season), was a little known rule turned the Tampa Bay Rays into an NL team Monday. The result was the most lopsided pitcher-batter match-up you could…

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The Strange Death of Vincent Foster – Murdered by the Clintons?

VN:F [1.9.22_1171] Rating: 4.4/5 (15 votes cast) What really happened on the day Vince Foster was found dead? Howard Phillips, host of Conservative Roundtable, interviews Attorney John Clark and Patrick Knowlton – a Whitewater Grand Jury witness – on the questionable proceedings related to the death of Vincent Foster. Mr Knowlton was an unknowing witness…

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