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Following the incident, school officials sent home a letter of apology to parents. (Photo credit: ABC)

North Carolina middle school scares students by using fake gunmen during ‘enrichment exercise’ (VIDEO)

A Wayne County, North Carolina middle school is in a bit of hot water after it sent a fake gunman wearing a ski mask and wielding a toy pistol into classrooms full of sixth graders as part of an “enrichment exercise” on Friday, a local ABC affiliate reports. Apparently the children had no previous knowledge…

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Rebranding exercise? UK launches budget ‘British FBI’

Published time: October 07, 2013 12:44 Reuters/Olivia Harris The UK has launched a new crime agency to combat organized crime in Britain. The agency’s backers have dubbed it the “British FBI,” but critics argue that with two predecessors in the last 15 years the institution is merely an “exercise in rebranding.” The nascent organization has…

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Exercise can treat heart diseases: Study

New study suggests that physical activity can work better than medicines prescribed for heart and stroke patients, according to the paper published in the British Medical Journal. The study announced the result after comparing the merits of exercise with the effects of some popular medicines such as statins and beta blockers which are given to…

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