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Cruz hits back at the ‘Let Obamacare Collapse’ caucus

There are several Republicans in the House and Senate who have taken the position that the GOP should allow Obamcare to be implemented because the party will benefit politically when the expected collapse occurs. Senator Ted Cruz was on CNN this morning and gave what I consider to be the proper response to such rampant…

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The Debt Ceiling Is Hours Away!!! U.S One Year CDS Hit 75 Bp, Highest Since July 2011!!! George Soros Bets $1.25 Billion On Put Option For Us Financial Collapse

U.S. one-year CDS hit highest since July 2011 at 75 bps ONDON, Oct 16 (Reuters) – The cost of insuring against a near-term U.S. default rose on Wednesday to new mid-2011 highs, reflecting market nervousness that lawmakers may not reach a deal to raise the debt ceiling in time to avert default. US 1-month…

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NYT: Obamacare Collapse ‘Has Deeply Embarrassed’ White House

A New York Times investigative article based on two dozen interviews with industry insiders and confidential Obama Administration documents reveals that the catastrophic $ 500 million Obamacare rollout “has deeply embarrassed the White House” and has the technology companies involved “publicly distancing themselves” from the Obamacare fiasco.  “These are not glitches. The extent of the…

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EBT Shutdown! Dollar Collapse, Inflation & Civil Unrest…. Debt overload!

The law makers have known the dollar was destined to fail, this has been due to regulations and provisions to safeguard markets and economies being ignored or overturned. The elites are currently deploying the plans to devalue and eventually crash the dollar…to set up the new financial system….aka “The New World Order” In order to…

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Ron Paul- Dollar Collapse by 2015?

Ron Paul was recently interviewed on the Alex Jones show. Here is the interview Dr. Paul indicated that this is 1987 for the United States. The Soviets in 19… Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Collapse of the Industrial Civilization: Interview with Michael Ruppert

Abby Martin speaks with Michael Ruppert, investigative journalist and author of ‘Crossing the Rubicon’, about destructive energy policies, the global energy crisis and the potential for a collapse of industrial civilization as we know it unless people become more than just passive actors. LIKE Breaking the Set @ FOLLOW Abby Martin @ The post Collapse…

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