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Egypt police kill two protesters in Suez

Supporters of Morsi hold up his image as they take part in a march through the streets of Cairo in his support on November 8, 2013.

Clashes have erupted during a rally in support of ousted Egyptian president, Mohamed Morsi, in the city of Suez, killing at least two protesters and injuring several others.

At least two people including a child were killed in the fresh crackdown during demonstrations in Suez and its adjacent areas on Friday afternoon. Clashes erupted following nationwide demonstrations over the detention of female protesters.

Organizers called Friday’s protests “Egypt’s women are a red line”, referring to the arrest of about two-dozen female demonstrators in Alexandria in October.

Egypt’s National Alliance for Supporting Legitimacy has accused security forces of beating and torturing female protesters in the latest security crackdown against Morsi’s supporters.

Similar rallies were held in the capital Cairo and other major cities across the country. The angry demonstrators called for the downfall of the army-backed government that ousted the country’s first democratically-elected president.

Morsi’s supporters have been holding weekly demonstrations to condemn the interim government’s harsh crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood and the arrest of its leaders and members.

They have been demanding justice for Brotherhood supporters killed in the army crackdown following Morsi’s ouster in early July.

The interim government took power after Morsi was ousted by the army on July 3.

Hundreds of supporters of the group have been killed in clashes with the army over the past few months.




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