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  • CanadaDig

    Great job,  you realize that you buy things to make you happy (temporary, and ask yourself why….you will know how to break the chain.

  • MixmanD28

    In an economy that’s based on constantly selling more and more crap . . . buying is the most noble act one can perform for society. *gag*

  • Nicolas Zapata

    I LOVE YOU :)

  • Pierre Larochelle

    I got rid of my credit cards many years ago. The credit companies are owned by crooks. Glad I did now!

    Time to stop feeding the corrupt system that is consuming us all.

  • johnk6749

    Thanks for the sentiments, Abby. I’m living it.

  • krankit109


  • Richard Fernandes


  • poosta7

    Abby Martin, Glen Greenwald et al….young, intelligent, attractive, confident, compassionate, with the courage of their convictions. We need many more young men and women like these wonderful specimens of humanity.

  • Patrick G. Alexander

    Hmm…I love your analogy Ms. Abby Martin. I would definitely considered this advice.

  • Luis Rivera

    the human race will truly become civilized when they give up all material possessions, and capitalism, i say get writ of money, we can be better than that

  • Luis Rivera

    totaly true, thats why I closed all of my online accounts, facebook, twitter, google plus, and hide your phone at work and sleeping, I realized is like a fake life you take care off for nothing. dont waste your time like that

  • jackchorn

    I work so I can buy cocaine that helps me work longer so I can buy more cocaine. Did I say coke, I meant stuff.
    Funny to see all these ppl expecting a job or their work to be able to pay for their lifestyles that are not reasonable. So if you want that huge house and the new cars and gadgets and jetset around the world, then yes by all means work 80 to 90 hours a week to allow it.
    If you can’t make ends meet then consider getting a smaller home and make the kids share a room, oh my, the poverty

  • marsh84722

    wonder if the NSA has nude pics of abby…

  • FckIwantThatChainsaw

    “The medium is the message.” – Marshall McLuhan

  • bluefalcon157

    There is an equal librium of want and have, thanks to the information age coupled with centuries of social sciences. ..They now capitalize on Fear and desparity….they have everthing and we can learn to live as happy slaves that get nothing of the materialized energies …. just happy slaves taken out the trash…

  • April Watters

    The Break down of Relationships, the Family system! Been saying that for decades. Only NATURE gives us Health and Happiness. Man Made creates Sickness, a diversion

  • Blake4014

    Beautiful ending, from a beautiful person. nice wisdom. <3

  • SquidkidMega

    Im attracted to Abby and scared of her at the same time

  • vickmann86

    Such a pretty lady

  • Ah-naNYmous LSR

    Zombie apocalypse

  • pavarglez

    True!! She is gorgeous!!

  • Gary Paulson

    Hear Hear! Isn’t she like the most thoughtful Dude-Chick ever?! ;)

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