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  • ray krahe

    I KNOW—-what they are for exactly!!! but can not reveal on this comments!! think about………….now a little harder! are you getting it yet? its worse then you think!
    sorry if you don’t get it but do your home work and be prepared for answer you didn’t want to know. thank you for your OPEN MIND!!!!

  • Ayesha Butt

    Yup this website is just giving out comletely free White Apple iPad 3′s for today only.

    But you have to be give your email id but it is all real, I claimed mine a few minutes ago. Better hurry up! UPAD3.COM

    إن عبادة الإله الواحد وحدها ستقرب الانسان من السلام الذي يتكلم عليه الجميع ولايفعل أحد شيئاً لتحقيقه.

  • Horizon585

    I didn’t say anything about loneliness, your a pathetic little 10 year old brat who probably is lonely himself so he goes on Youtube to try and troll people because he has no life and is a waste of human anatomy

    So i have to say “Who sends all these babies to fight?”

  • Lion Heart

    ahahahahaha……Sounds to me like you are lonely and so cry to me about it. :D

  • Horizon585

    Keep crying, baby!

  • Hikaru Hinamori

    That makes sense.

  • Nathan S. Targina

    yeah, much interesting, intriguing… but now!…. I want to know about the ending music in the video!
    must download its mp3!!! would someone help?! lol!

  • Lion Heart

    I don’t know what video game you play that you heard that meme but you are a gay boy. So cry more noob lol

  • Horizon585

    Cry some more!

  • Lion Heart

    You are a retard

  • Lion Heart

    Because people get killed from the information transmitted in these numbers. The secret agents who decode these messages likely kill people. That is why you find them creepy

  • Hikaru Hinamori

    I have no idea why, but I find this REALLY creepy. >_<

  • Lost_Transmission

    I love the sound of static and white noise

  • Anais Francisco


  • CaptainNorris

    The clue is, that everyone can hear those stations. The messages cant be broken, their one-time-pad-ciphers with random keys. If you have no key, they mean nothing more than random noise. The key is also random noise, so even if you guess the right key you can’t distinguish it from all the other possible ones. Its nothing better than guessing without even listening to the message.
    This is why the send it into the world. To make the reciever untrackable. To us it is nothing but noise.

  • Horizon585

    I see spy with my little eye

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